Hi everybody. I have been using Dr. Mist for 4/5 days. It's been working quite well. All in all the best product i tried so far,. Don't be foolish and not try this.
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I have used it on a cold sore and IT WORKED! Unbelievable product!
Did you know that Dr. Mist works on Eczema? My son's fiancé tried it and couldn't believe how well it worked. This is such an amazing product. Thank you!
Lise from Montreal, Qc
Dr.Mist is the man. A friend of mine likes to go a couple days without showering so i decided one day to spray some dr.mist on him, later on that day he did a sniff check and even he noticed that he wasn't stinky and then adopted my bottle of Dr. mist. It works great
I have been a user of your product. I have found your product to be as you have claimed - odorless, non-fragrant (I am allergic to perfumes), the spray does not stain the clothes (which is good because most of my working clothes are white or light colored), it is effective for long hours (I sweat a lot since part of my work will be delivering lectures in non-air-conditioned rooms). I have even tried the product on small rashes and itches and find that it works rather well. Regards, Andrew Leong Fook Chee Associate Professor Faculty of Accountancy
Andrew Leong Fook Chee from Associate Professor Faculty of Accountancy

Inspirations from Dead Sea

Inspirations from Dead Sea

The Dead Sea contains a concentration of minerals 38 times higher than the normal ocean water. Today, many of those who suffer from skin disease will come to the Dead Sea for a treatment. Moreover, there are a number of organizations; especially from the medicine sector who do research here as well.

Comparison of key elements between Dead Sea, Mediterranean Sea and ocean water:


Water Resources Chlorine Magnesium Sodium Calcium Potassium Bromide
Dead Sea 224,000 44,000 40,100 17,200 7,650 5,300
Mediterranean 22,900 1,490 12,700 470 470 76
Ocean Water 19,900 1,350 10,500 400 390 65


Break Through The Secret Of Physics

Following the study of physics based on Dead Sea Minerals, Dr. mist emerged as The First in The World, Floatation Fluid Spray.

Through out history, Dead sea has been known for its healing power, we have bottled its secret through technology.